Which is the best microwave oven to choose in 2022?

Which is the best microwave oven to choose in 2022?

Between the defrosting modes, the grill or simply reheating a dish, the microwave oven is essential in a kitchen. It allows you to bring a hungry baby’s bottle to temperature in a few seconds, but also to facilitate the preparation of meals. From the simple compact 20-litre model to the large-capacity model, or even the built-in versions, there are a large number of models. Some models are noisier or more complicated to use. Discover the best microwave ovens currently available on the market.

Selection of the best microwave ovens in 2022

Panasonic NN-E20JWMEPG: 20 liters capacity for 800 W maximum

Panasonic NN-E20JWMEPG – DR

This compact model offers power adjustment on 5 levels ranging from 200 to 800 W. The volume reaches 20 liters and the turntable has a diameter of 25.5 cm. Its finish is simple, as is its operation. It offers good value for money.

Most :

  • 5 power levels
  • Compact
  • Price

The lessers :

Toshiba MW2-MG20PF: take advantage of combined cooking

Toshiba MW2-MG20PF
Toshiba MW2-MG20PF – DR

Toshiba offers an elegant and efficient microwave oven for a price under the 100 € mark. You have a combined cooking mode to heat your dishes while grilling them. The grill has a power of 1000 W. You can adjust the power to 5 levels. Its glass turntable has a diameter of 25.5 cm.

Most :

  • Combined cooking
  • Grill 1000W
  • Affordable price

The lessers :

  • Capacity limited to 20 liters

Panasonic NN-GT46KBSUG: 1100 W grill function with Inverter technology

Panasonic NN-GT46KBSUG
Panasonic NN-GT46KBSUG – DR

This model offers a capacity of 31 liters and a turntable of 34 cm. Equipped with a digital display to indicate the time of the operation in progress, it has a complete and intuitive control panel. It uses Quartz and Inverter technology for a reduced heating time, which reduces its power consumption.

Most :

  • Quartz and Inverter technology for fast and optimized cooking
  • Large volume and large turntable

The lessers :

H.Koenig VIO4: versatile, compact and economical to purchase

H.Koenig VIO4
H.Koenig VIO4 – DR

If you are looking for a high-performance and economical model, the H.Koening microwave oven is the solution. With a volume of 20 liters and simple operation, it is ideal for those looking for a basic model without frills. Its power is 700 watts maximum. Its turntable has a diameter of 24.5 cm.

Most :

  • Simple and practical
  • Elegant presentation
  • Price

The lessers :

Candy CMXG20DW: equipped with a digital control screen

Candy CMXG20DW
Candy CMXG20DW – DR

This economic model offers interesting functions with a power of 700 watts and 1000 watts for the grill function. It has a large display to choose the functions and view the remaining time. Its volume is 20 liters.

Most :

  • Grill with 1000 W power
  • Digital control panel
  • Price

The lessers :

  • More complicated than a basic model with buttons

LG MH6535GDS: neat design for this 25-liter model


This microwave will not go unnoticed in your kitchen. It is adorned with a black facade. Its power reaches 1000 watts and 900 watts in the grill, combining the two you can have a power of 1450 watts. Its capacity is 25 litres, which makes it a very practical model to use. It has Inverter and Quartz technologies for optimized operation limiting power consumption while ensuring efficient operation.

Most :

  • Quartz and Inverter Technology
  • Volume of 25 liters
  • 1,450 Watt Combined Power

The lessers :

Samsung MG23F302TAK: 800 watt microwave oven and 1100 watt grill

Samsung MG23F302TAK
Samsung MG23F302TAK – DR

Sober and well finished, this model offers a volume of 23 litres. The microwave function develops a power of 800 watts and the grill reaches 1000 watts. It has an Eco Friendly mode to reduce its power and electricity consumption. The turntable has a diameter of 28.8 cm. The interior coating is ceramic.

Most :

  • Elegant design
  • Ceramic coating
  • Consistent quality/volume/price ratio

The lessers :

  • Loud end of cooking sound

Whirlpool MWP 303 SB: large capacity for this elegant model

Whirlpool MWP 303 SB
Whirlpool MWP 303 SB – DR

It has a large volume of 30 liters and a neat finish. It offers a whole range of preset recipes to prepare different menus such as a special mode for the preparation of pasta.

Most :

  • Large volume
  • Many functions

The lessers :

Brandt 26L: a beautiful mirror front for this microwave oven

Brandt 26L
Brandt 26L – DR

Brandt’s microwave oven plays on originality with its mirror front. It offers a volume of 26 liters for a power of 900 watts. It is possible to pre-program 3 keys for the most used functions.

Most :

The lessers :

  • Lots of functions, some pre-programmable

Whirpool MWP 3391 SB: large door with bottom hinge

Whirlpool MWP 3391 SB
Whirpool MWP 3391 SB – DR

With its opening like a classic oven, this model is practical for putting in a dish. It offers a capacity of 33 liters and a nice available width. Its power is 1,200 watts in the grill and 1,000 watts in the microwave. It is large enough to offer a turntable with a diameter of 36 cm.

Most :

  • Large volume and 36 cm turntable
  • High power

The lessers :

  • Particularly bulky
  • High price

What are the different functions of a microwave oven?

The microwave oven has been part of the kitchen for several decades now. It has serious advantages over the traditional oven, the main argument in its favor being its ability to heat a dish very quickly to eat quickly. Among the main functions, the microwave oven can have the following modes:

  • cooking: to cook or reheat a dish in a few seconds or minutes depending on the power;
  • grill: heat and grill your meal in minutes;
  • defrosting: ideal for defrosting food to prepare a meal without waiting for several hours.

Its various functions are linked to the power of your microwave oven, the more powerful it is, the shorter the times required for its various operations. The volume of the device must also be taken into account. It is possible to place a dish in the larger ones, with a volume of 30 liters or more, while the compact 20-liter models can only accommodate a plate or a bowl.

How to choose your microwave oven?

To choose your new microwave oven, you must take into account the place where you want to install it. It is possible to choose a free-standing model or a built-in model in your kitchen furniture. In this case, it may be wise to take a model that matches the traditional oven for a more homogeneous whole. Freestanding models allow more possibilities. You can choose a compact or large capacity model depending on your use and the composition of the fireplace.

The design of the selected model can be basic or, on the contrary, bring a touch of originality with a mirror front, for example. The power and the different functions offered are also to be taken into consideration when making your selection. The price also remains an important element to take into account when buying.

The purchase of a microwave oven is very accessible. Some entry-level models can be found from €50. The majority of models are marketed between 100 and 200 €. A reasonable investment given the practicality of the device on a daily basis.

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