What wine to drink at a barbecue?

What wine to drink at a barbecue?

Wine invites itself to your next barbecue! From red to compliment the meat, pink for a bit of freshness or White to contrast with grilled meats, all the shots are possible. Discover our selection and get ready to enjoy.

Enjoy a barbecue to drink wine

Diversity in wine makes it possible to drink it on all occasions! This is also the case with barbecues, which are all the rage in the summer. As with other meals, thefood & wine pairing will help you enjoy a moment of conviviality and indulgence.

Pairing wine with sausages

Instead chipolatas Where merguez ? Whether you eat them to start your barbecue before moving on to larger grills or they make up your entire meal, there are several wines to choose from.

For classic sausages, a slightly aromatic white wine will subtly compliment them. On the other hand, if they are embellished with spices or herbs, you can opt for a sweeter white wine. In the case of spicy sausages such as merguez, you can choose a delicate red wine which will counterbalance with the power of the chilli. Finally, the pink is also a good choice, especially as a follow-up to an aperitif!

Grilled meat enhanced by wine

A good and generous beef or pork chop are delicious when grilled on the barbecue! However, while the first will be more intense and thick, the second is more refined and fine. So you don’t have to drink the same bottle with both.

With beef, we recommend oaked red wine which will mix with the smoky side provided by the barbecue. Do not hesitate to choose a tannic and full-bodied bottle, with it you will easily flatter your grilled meat. As for the pork, this delicate meat will appreciate a fruity and light wine like a young rosé.

Good wine for your barbecued fish

The most common fish on a barbecue are the barthe sea ​​bream or even the tuna. Once grilled, you can enjoy them with a chilled white wine or one wine hot pink which can liven up your dish! If you add a marinade to your fish, you can also choose your wine based on it. For example, amp up the acidity of lemon with a white wine with citrus aromas.

Seafood can also be cooked on the barbecue, if that is your choice, then you can afford to opt for a powerful wine. Stay on the side of dry wines all the same, these are sure values ​​that will go perfectly with the iodized taste of seafood.

Taste your skewers with wine

In the case of skewers, it is sometimes difficult to make a choice! Meats, vegetables and marinades mix, the flavors are therefore more diversified. You can orient yourself towards wines that will go with themain element of your skewerssuch as the type of meat used, or which will embellish the sauce of your skewers.

For a light herb marinade, your choice of wine will be easier. Conversely, for hot and spicy flavorsyou will have to opt for a lighter and all-purpose bottle that will not overpower the taste of your skewer.

Our selection of wines for the barbecue

You understood, wine can be drunk during a barbecue! To help you choose the perfect bottle depending on your menu, here are some bottles we recommend for your sunny afternoons and summer evenings.

For merguez sausages and spicy meats

Beaumes of Venice Xavier Vignon This Beaumes de Venise Red 2020 is as fleshy as it is slightly fruity. There are notes of black fruits and spices that can revive those already present in the marinade of your meats. You can therefore drink it with meats marinated with chilli or merguez sausages.

For grilled fish and shellfish

Sauvignon Blanc Vignerons de Florensac Drink this Sauvignon blanc 2021 from the Florensac winemakers with your grilled fish or shellfish: tuna, prawns, prawns, hake and sea bass will be complimented! It contains slightly exotic and sweet notes that will give way to a perfect balance.

For poultry

Widow Mathilde Cave de Pazac Pair your chicken and other poultry skewers with this lovely floral and fruity white wine. This Widow Mathilde 2021 is the result of a complex blend, but particularly fresh on the palate. There is an explosion of flavor with lemon, apricot and white flowers.

For pork and sausages

Domaine Aureillan Master Winegrowers of the Saint Tropez Peninsula the Aureillan estate towards Saint-Tropez offers us this delicious rosé wine to enjoy our summer! Mainly fresh and lively, even crystalline, this rosé goes easily with pork chops, sausages and in general with white meat grilled on the barbecue.

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