Floor Jansen, a golden voice at the service of metal and pop.

Floor Jansen, a golden voice at the service of metal and pop.

VIDEO – While remaining the singer of Nightwish, Floor Jansen has decided to go solo. And that gives Dutch pop nuggets.

She is the emblematic figure of Nightwish (one of the greatest symphonic metal bands in the world). With her soprano and deep voice at the same time, a continual good mood, she knew how to breathe new life into the Finnish group. But, for the past few months, she has also been tempted by pop, brilliantly. A look back at the long but still very young career of the Dutch Floor Jansen.

Emergence within Nigthwish

1997. At the age of 24, Floor joined his first group: After Forever. With heavy metal and gothic accents, the group formed by Marc Jansen (founder of Epica in 2002) will become one of the leading groups on the Dutch scene, along with Within Temptation or The Gathering. Floor’s voice, mixing classical and rock, has already conquered the public.

In 2009, after the separation of After Forever, Floor created his own metal band: ReVamp. Always in the spirit of symphonic metal, a first eponymous album will be released in 2010.

At the end of 2012, when the band was preparing to produce a second album, Floor Jansen was called in to temporarily join Nightwish. In full tour, the Finnish group is looking for a voice, following the departure of their singer Anette Olzon. Floor learns the lyrics in record time and begins to gain unanimity among the fans. His charisma and his voice give a new impetus to the group.

A few months later, Nightwish announced that Floor was now an integral part of the band. The magic can then operate. Floor Jansen has been singing with Nightwish for nearly 10 years now, letting himself be carried away by melodies that encourage him to move from a Soprano voice to a gravelly, even pop voice.

This vocal challenge is greatly felt on the band’s latest album: Human. :II: Nature. Proof of this is with “Shoemaker“, title narrating the life of Eugene Merle Shoemaker, world-renowned astronomer and geologist, one of the fathers of planetology and the only man whose ashes, after his death in 1999, were scattered on the Moon.

Floor’s a Winner in “Beste Zangers”

Challenges, Floor Jansen loves them. This is how in 2019, she participated in the 12th season of the show “Beste Zangers” (the best singer): reality TV show on Dutch public television. The idea of ​​this show is simple: each week a participant watches the other candidates cover their discography and the public votes for the best singer of the evening. The challenge is intense, since each week, the artists must reinterpret hits with their own influences.

Among Floor’s covers, let’s note the magnificent “Phantom Of The Opera” in duet with Henk Poort, Dutch soprano, who had the main role in the musical of the same name. The rest of the titles are, of course, less known to those uninitiated to flat country artists. But let’s keep in mind “Winner” which shows the extent of Floor’s vocal palette: soft and gravelly, when necessary.

This show was a real trigger for Floor, who with the confinement of 2020, became fully involved in the writing and production of her first solo album.

First solo singles

Building on his popularity after “Beste Zangers” and “Sing meinen Song” and in parallel with Nightwish, Floor continues to create his own music. In 2021, helped by her “FloorWorld“ community, a kind of Patreon, she was able to perform on stage solo and perform all her musical repertoire: Nightwish, ReVamp, After Forever or covers. No new solo composition was yet known.

It was only last March that Floor published a first original title: “Fire“. Resolutely pop and carried by a catchy melody on the piano, “Fire” shows only part of Floor’s musical orientation. “It’s a pop song and in no way metal or rock. It’s just me.”, she specifies in an interview, adding that her future album (whose release date is not yet known) will be a mixture of influence, far from Nightwish.

“I would like to make a different album. Not that I’m tired, but when you’re already in one of the biggest symphonic metal bands and you have Tuomas Holopainen as your composer, what more could I contribute, by creating my own metal album?

After a successful first single, Floor released a second single in May: “Storm”. More rock in its choruses, “Storm” is a moving title. “Take charge of your life. Dare to do what you dream of and overcome your insecurities.”. Here is what Floor says in an interview about “Storm”. It is clear that she was able to follow these tips for her career.

As Nightwish began recording their tenth album and the band touring, Floor continued to produce their first solo album. A tour in Germany and the Netherlands is planned for the year 2023.


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