N1 Elite: Cournon resumes with an expanded and renewed group

N1 Elite: Cournon resumes with an expanded and renewed group

He gives voice and also the example. Jonathan Jallet, the physical trainer of the Handball Club Cournon-d’Auvergne (HCCA), plays an equally important role as Lukas Buchta, the head coach, in this period of recovery. It is also necessary to prepare the bodies for a season of National 1 Elite whose three blows will be struck in a month.

Preparation matches

The Cournon-d’Auvergne Handball Club will play several matches: on August 13, Cournon-Rodez in Cournon. August 17, Valence-Cournon. August 20, Toulouse-Cournon. On August 26 and 27, Vesoul tournament. The N1 Elite championship will resume on September 3, with the reception of Gonfreville at Raymond-Boisset.

In recent weeks, the club has focused on building a group of twenty players who will be fully available to the technical staff led by Lukas Buchta. Eleven players have thus joined the HCCA. Among them, goalkeeper Yassine Idrissi (Limoges, (Starligue), left-back Laurent Lagier-Pitre (Caen, Proligue), as well as youngsters like Horace Quintin (Pays d’Aix, Starligue) and Victor Doudinski (Cherbourg, Proligue ).

More competition

A workforce expanded in quality, in quantity with all positions doubled and some tripled. Cournon has clearly densified his potential around Achraf Adli, Adrien Canoine, Brice Salignat and Kevin Bocanegro. After a learning season in N1 Elite, the HCCA wants to move up a gear. “We wanted to have several choices, different options and bring competition, answers Cyrille Faucher, co-president with Stéphane Sadourny. This is the key to the evolution of a group”.The people of Cournon train twice a day with a physical session and another devoted to handball. Photo Renaud Baldassin

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These players first followed three weeks of individual preparation before the collective recovery. Through a two-day cohesion course on the banks of the Allier, they combined aerobic work and state of mind. From now on, they find themselves facing the main course with two sessions a day: handball in the morning, bodybuilding or the track in the afternoon.

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Game project and connections

“We carried out a small upgrade in the field of sensations, notes Lukas Buchta. We have already moved on to building the game plan. There are connections between certain players, but we are also working on the relationship between the centre-half and the pivot, the back with the winger. With this group of twenty players, it requires a slightly different organization, but there is a way to do well.

The HCCA is ultimately aiming to move up to the Proligue and its ambition will be to play as high as possible this season. “We are getting organized to give ourselves the means to achieve our ambitions,” says the co-president. We are preparing, whether medically, logistically, athletically or administratively. We work upstream. It is not the day when we will be in a sporting position to climb that we will have to prepare”.

Cournon’s recruitment

Anthony Abbeyhub (Marseille, N2). Augusto Arandaright back (Belfort, N1). Raphael Aprilleft winger (Gien, N1). Victor Dudinskyright winger (Cherbourg, Proligue). Enzo Jean-Louisrear right (Dreux-Vernouillet, N1). Yassine Idrissigoalkeeper (Limoges, Starligue). Lucas Luisetpivot (Istres, Starligue-N2). Laurent Lagier-Pitreleft back (Caen, Proligue). Mattheo Peigueleft winger (Marolles, N2). Horace Quintincenter half (Pays d’Aix, Starligue). Alexandre Ribeirogoalkeeper (Cherbourg, Proligue-N2).

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