The Chef reveals a super economical southern recipe ideal for summer!

The Chef reveals a super economical southern recipe ideal for summer!

As summer approaches, we suggest you opt for this recipe that is both juicy and economical. Discover the preparation!

Do you like duck breast? Yes No ! Tell us your preferences! For those who agree, we are forced to note that the meat of these birds with large legs is quite expensive.

On the other hand, its exquisite taste once on our plate even manages to make us forget our enormous investment! To help you, Philippe Etchebest will offer you some tips in this article to make you more economical. This illustrious starred chef will reveal the best part of the duck to cook for your dishes! The details

Philippe Etchebest: Duck heart is perfect for enhancing the flavor of your dishes!

Philippe Etchebest is a renowned chef in France. He is from the south-west of the French department. To this end, this chef is very skilled in the specialty of his region. This week, the latter wanted to share with us his exceptional culinary talents. For this he will deliver to us a typical local recipe !

This is the recipe for duck hearts with Sarladaise potatoes! Philippe Etchebest is the main initiator of this extraordinary dish. This last suggest you try itto discover his native region through an imaginary journey of your taste buds. We assure you that you will not regret it! In addition, this dish will allow you to save money!

In general, it is found that the price of duck meat is quite expensive. However, it is a delicacy that we tend to appreciate a lot in everyday life. Since Philippe Etchebest is aware of this reality, he offered to provide a solution to cooking enthusiasts! He advises them to use duck hearts in their preparation!

Philippe Etchebest affirms thatthis is a least expensive duck part. Like other meats, duck heart is also delicious. Especially if you accompany it with crispy potatoes, you will be thrilled to taste this very succulent dish! In addition, we recommend that you try the experiment to find out!

How to make this famous original recipe from the South of France?

Philippe Etchebest recently posted a video on Youtubeto explain the preparation of his recipe. In this publication, the latter explained that making this duck heart with Sarladaise potatoes is very easy. At the same time, the recipe will also allow you to limit your expenses in the purchase of ingredients!

According to Philippe Etchebest, the ingredients needed to redo his recipe are easy to obtain. It is to highlight that these ingredients are all available in the market. To make this you will need 6 cloves of garlic, 4 sprigs of fresh parsley, 900g of potatoes, 400g of duck hearts and 300g of duck fat!

In addition, you will also need coarse salt, 4 sprigs of fresh thyme, 2 fresh bay leaves, 40 g of butter, 2 cl of sherry vinegar, salt and pepper. By having gathered all these raw materials, Philippe Etchebest thinks that you will be able to achieve it without any difficulty!

Note that this consistency is made for 4 peopleaccording to Philippe Etchebest! In addition, this dish from the Southwest is very good to brighten up your family dinners. Since you can arrange the consistency according to the number of members of your family! To this end, do not hesitate any longer and put yourself in the kitchen to make this recipe!

The steps for the realization of this recipe of Philippe Etchebest!

To start this dish by Philippe Etchebest, you will need to peel the potatoes! Then immerse them in water to prevent oxidation. Purify your garlics and proceed to the peeling as well as the extraction of the germs! After, proceed to the maintenance of the parsleys by keeping the tails for an aroma! Put your potatoes in the mandolin set for 2 minutes maximum!

Then, Philippe Etchebest recommends that you put your potatoes with caution in the fat when your oil is very hot. Pour in fresh or dried thyme or bay leaf. Stir the mixture occasionally. Remember to prepare your duck heartsto then incorporate it into your seasoning!

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