PSG: Juan Branco explains why La Liga filed a complaint

PSG: Juan Branco explains why La Liga filed a complaint

Annoyed by Kylian Mbapp’s extension, La Liga decided to file a complaint against Paris Saint-Germain but also Manchester City, accused of disrupting the market. Mandated by Javier Tebas, the lawyer Juan Branco showed his optimism to obtain sanctions against the two clubs.

Al Khelaifi and PSG in the sights of La Liga.

This time, Javier Tebas takes action. Public enemy number one of Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City, whom he has been stinging through frontal attacks for years, the president of La Liga has decided to file a complaint against the two clubs following the extension (and the non- -come to Real Madrid) of Kylian Mbapp with the champion of France.

Eager to punish these two formations, properties of Gulf monarchies, the businessman commissioned Juan Branco, lawyer and Franco-Spanish activist, to find the opening in this maze. In an interview with So Foot, he claims to have a very solid case to achieve his ends.

Competition deemed unfair

Very offensive, he did not hesitate to draw up a clear observation: the dice are loaded in advance between these clubs financed by the states and the others. The idea was to demonstrate the existing regulatory distortion between France and Spain. Spanish clubs are subject to highly regulated and strict financial controls. In France, there is a desire not to put these controls in place, a sort of politically motivated wait-and-see attitude. The objective is to allow Paris Saint-Germain to build a big team, at European level, and therefore, by extension, to participate in the development of Qatar. Especially in view of the World Cup explained the main interested party.

A great defender of the Spanish championship, Tebas had a hard time with the departure of Lionel Messi from FC Barcelona to Paris. A transfer which accelerated the process to try to win the case with the competent authorities. All this therefore creates inequalities within the European Union, and a form of discrimination due to the nationality of the clubs since we are normally supposed to be in a single market. The fact that FC Barcelona could not extend Lionel Messi is therefore not simply due to its economic reservoir but in large part to these regulatory issues. Branco continued.

UEFA… and the EU

For the latter, there is obvious unfair competition between PSG, Manchester City and the rest of the clubs. PSG was not subject to major requirements in terms of financial fair play, while it presented even worse ratios than those of Bara. Logically, in European Union law, this is not possible. Competition between companies must be equal, so we threw ourselves into it, especially because FC Barcelona is an associative club. Obviously, you don’t have to be ‘naive’ to understand that this is also a big business, but the fact of seeing this system of socios being threatened by the emergence of state clubs has motivated us to get involved in this process added the jurist based in Paris.

All this is the fruit of this interventionism, which we all end up paying for. Qatar’s money is gas money, so by distance, it’s our electricity bill money. For the current case, there will therefore be several points with civil, criminal and European Union law. We therefore really want to take out the ‘heavy weapon’, because they have been violating the law for several years. When you have rules that are established and some people sit by them, because they have methods that allow them to do so or political supporters allowing them to do so, it creates inequities that are unbearable. And it’s not linked to PSG as such, because Paris is not the only one. It’s related to this whole lax system insisted Branco.

Attack on multiple fronts

To achieve its ends, La Liga is ready to attack on several fronts. We understood that to succeed in this kind of business, it was necessary to prepare similar and parallel cases in several other areas. That is why this process will not only concern financial fair play. With regard to this topic, LaLiga has indeed lodged a complaint, UEFA has also declared that it wants to check the accounts of the clubs concerned and we will support them. to tell the truth, we want to go beyond UEFA, to also reach the European Commission hammered the 32-year-old man.

Above all, he insisted on the fact that all clubs structured in this way are screwed. It is true that there is a generalization of these practices, with more and more clubs run by oligarchs or states. There are the Saudis in Newcastle, the foreign investment funds in Italy or even the Americans who almost bankrupted Nancy. So the idea is not to target just Paris Saint-Germain, but to flatten out a whole system that is driving into the wall. In the PSG budget, barely two years ago, 60 million euros went to agent commissions, for only a few transfers. And this example only evokes the official figures. As for informal transactions, we enter a delirious dimension. So we have to bring these people back to reality, because there, ordinary mortals have escaped , Branco finished. PSG has been warned: Tebas will not let go.

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